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About Us

Rainier Trading Company is a family-owned and operated business. We combine years of proud business ownership with hands-on executive experiences in a company whose main purpose is to bring to market unique high quality food products that embrace an all-natural approach to wellness by harnessing the power of plants for a healthier life style.

Our products

Our products are backed up by our quality assurance system and production methods that preserve the quality of our food and include: Non-GMO and GMP certifications, Quality and Food Safety Management System, ISO 2200 & 17025.

Our commitment

We are committed to sourcing products that are safe for the people and the planet. To provide all-natural products to American consumers, we have established partnerships with producers in Latin America and Europe to offer the healthy alternatives consumers nowadays require.


Gourmet Extra Virgin Olive Oil Picual

The Lunatic is a Picual Variety Extra Virgin Olive Oil, obtained exclusively in Spain by mechanical procedures. It is an authentic Gourmet natural product without additives or chemical intervention.

Superior Extra Virgin Olive Oil

El Andaluz is another superior category Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain, whose mission is to preserve traditional cultivation and more sustainable production methods.

Excelso Coffe Colombian Origin

Café Momoy it’s been cultivated in different departments of the coffee belt, taking advantage of the benefits that the different regions offer to develop a unique product with aromas, nuances, and warmth that a good Colombian coffee offers.

Gluten-free Corn and Whole Wheat Flour Products

Industrias KEL is a manufacturer of a wide variety of nutrient-rich gluten-free corn and whole wheat flour products, using manufacturing processes that are designed to provide all the natural options consumers demand.

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