Rainier Trading Company is founded on tradition, the result of the efforts of several generations that have left a mark with passion, good work, and perseverance. Our story is one of sourcing the best products for people and making brands that bring together high quality unique products with happy customers.

We are partnering with medium size brands committed to delivering natural, healthy food products, as they are also looking to scale their businesses. We are working around the clock on making their products available to a select number of retailers in the USA, while also  providing executive support, resources, and a network of contacts to increase their reach.

Honoring our long tradition and commitment to social causes, we are proud sponsors of the “Union Deportivo Valera” soccer program in Venezuela. Our sponsorship provides 6-18 years to help low income families with the opportunities to have access to a healthier lifestyle, while also getting trained and taken care of by a team of professionals.

Through our partnership with Industrias KEL, we are also providing food bags to low income families in the city of Valera, Venezuela. We are constantly working with all our partners to make contributions dedicated towards improving the quality of life in developing countries.


The Lunatic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is obtained exclusively by mechanical procedures. It is an authentic natural product without additives or chemical intervention. A true olive juice with an acidity of less than 0.19º.

Coming from the olive trees of Quesada, a town located within the Cazorla, Segura, and Las Villas Natural Park, our extra virgin olive oil has the Protected Designation of Origin “Sierra de Cazorla, Spain”, which guarantees and strengthens the quality level of the product.

Most of the olive groves are Picual, which occupies 94% of the surface, and there remains a stronghold of an own and autochthonous variety that is the Royal variety that is concentrated in the terms municipalities of Cazorla, La Iruela, and Quesada (Jaén). It is a special olive, which is only produced in this area and that gives rise to oil that combines an intense fruity flavor but smooth, with very little bitterness.


El Andaluz is another superior category Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain, whose mission is to preserve traditional cultivation and more sustainable production methods.


Café Momoy offers an Excelso high quality coffee of 100% Colombian origin. It’s been cultivated in different departments of the coffee belt, taking advantage of the benefits that the different regions offer to develop a unique product with aromas, nuances, and warmth that a good Colombian coffee offers.